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Doing What's Needed


On August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southern peninsula of Haiti. Within 48 hours members of the We Reach Foundation were already on the ground in Haiti. Our Emergency Response plan was #BuyBackTheBlockHaiti. This plan included purchasing key items, locally in Haiti, that were needed in the areas of southern Haiti devastated by the earthquake. This accomplished both the goal to support those in need, but also the efforts to support the local economy. We have organized and distributed special care packages containing food, tarps, flashlights, toiletries, water filtration systems, etc., that have allowed us to take care of over 900 families.  We are continuing to meet with community partners, work on short term, and long-term goals and assessments. We now have a new goal of impacting a minimum of 1000 families.   

Areas Covered:              Aquin, Ocayes, Anse-A-Veau, Camp-Perrin, Baraderes 

Donation Impact:          900 + Families 

Community Partners:   Rotary Club of Leogane & Rotary Club of Ocayes, Rotary Club of Camp-Perrin 


Emergency Response Plan:

       #BuyBackTheBlockHaiti - Purchase key items locally in Haiti that are needed in areas of southern Haiti devastated by the earthquake, in efforts to support the local economy and those in need. Organize and distribute special care packages (food, tarps, flashlights, toiletries, water filtration system etc.) that will allow us to take care of over 1,000 families.  

Short-Term Plan:

  • Provide water filtration systems to churches, community centers, and local communities in southern Haiti to establish a long-lasting clean water solution (On-going effort).

  • Assessment of properties damaged in southern Haiti.

  • Distribution of tents & tarps.

Midterm Plan:

  • Repair and Rebuild

  • Work with community partners to outline homes that we can rebuild. The key is to get residents back into their homes

Long-Term Plan:

  • On the ground currently, meeting with community partners to work on an effective long-term plan

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